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The Bible declares that, “ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God!” (See Rom.3:23) The role of any great Evangelist is to evangelize the unbelieving heart of both believers and unbelievers.  Evangelist Alveda King is one of those great Evangelists, who not only calls us to personal transformation by speaking truth to the heart but she always gives us thought provoking insight that is designed to speak to us what we already know so well – that still small voice within.  This book challenges all forms of sexual slavery and any other addictive behavior that is a thriving force on others that devalues human life as God created it. (See Rom. 1:18-29) Dr. King’s book is a call that speaks into the brokenness of our lives and calls us to lift up our lives out of the dark places we have allowed ourselves to go. It’s a call to elevate our humanity into a greater place of sacredness that God intended for us to have in the first place. “It all started with an Apple” was written out of love and a concern for our own well-being. God is speaking. Are you listening?

Pastor Mike Berry, Annapolis, Maryland