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Evangelist Alveda King

Alveda C. King is a creative Christian evangelist and civil rights activist and is also known for her creative contributions in film, music, politics, education and journalism. She is also a presidential appointee, spiritual advisor for the Trump National Diversity Coalition, an actress, singer, songwriter, blogger, author (including WE’RE NOT COLOR BLIND, AMERICA RETURN TO GOD, KING TRUTHS, GG’s HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS COOKBOOK, KING RULES, WHO WE ARE IN CHRIST JESUS, LET FREEDOM RING, TENDER MOMENTS ALONE WITH GOD), FOX NEWS Contributor and a television and radio personality.

As a former GA State Legislator, Director of Civil Rights for the Unborn for Priests for Life, and devoted mother and grandmother,  she is also a guardian of the King Family Legacy. Alveda is the daughter of Rev. A. D. King and Mrs. Naomi King, the granddaughter of Rev. Martin Luther King, Sr. and Mrs. Alberta Williams King, and the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

With Foreword by Rev. Bill and Dr. Deborah Owens

Reverend Bill Owens
Ministry leader and young people’s advocate William Owens founded Coalition of African American Founders in 2003.Reverend Bill Owens

Reverend William (Bill) Owens is a native of Memphis, Tennessee. Rev. Owens is a graduate of Tennessee State University where he received a degree in Education. After teaching at elementary schools in Memphis and Nashville, he then moved to Los Angeles to continue his career in education. Soon, however, his relentless drive and entrepreneurial skills led him to leave the classroom behind and enter the ministryand business fields. However, he never abandoned hiscommitment to education and the need to foster achievement in our children.

Reverend Owens has always been a pioneer. He was the first African American to own a used car dealership in Memphis and later the first Black man to have a management position at a major Chevrolet assembly plant in Van Nuys, California. While in Los Angeles, he was the pastor of a local church and worked in the real estate business, buying and selling high-end real estate to investors. He was also a founding partner inthe Robert Kennedy Hospital in L.A.

On being called to the ministry, he entered Oral Roberts University (ORU) to study theology and counseling. It was at ORU that he began a nonprofit organization to help African American students gain entrance to ORU. Because of his commitment to helping young people, he was responsible for increasing the African American enrollment from 5 percent to 22.5 percent in four years. In addition, he raised more than two million dollars in scholarships for deserving inner city students. Having achieved these initial goals, Reverend Owens returned to the West Coast to continue his work there.

In 2001, Reverend Owens decided that he wanted to return to his roots and give back to the community where he grew up. In an effort to understand the problems inherent in the educational system, he returned to college to earn a Master of Education degree. He received his degree from Christian Brothers University on May 14, 2004 and is a member of Kappa Delta Pi, International Honor Society in Education.

He is the President and Founder of the Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP), an organization dedicated to promoting and supporting Christ-centered values. CAAP first gained notoriety as the black pastors group that was willing to call out then-President Obama for betraying the black community on the issue of same-sex marriage. Rev. Owens is known for taking unpopular stands, no matter the consequences.

Reverend Owens travels extensively speaking about his core values: choices in education, the sanctity of life, the protection of marriage, and the free expression of faith. He also serves as a consultant to many political campaigns, candidates and organizations.

He is married to Dr. Deborah De Sousa Owens who heads CAAP’s education department and CAAP’s Women’s Ministry. Rev. Owens has eight children and thirteen grandchildren.

Rev. Owens has been a guest on many national talk shows, including Fox’s Megyn Kelly, Neil Cavuto, Lou Dobbs, and CNN’s Carol Costello. In addition, he has been featured in numerous local and national publications.

Rev. Bill and Dr. Deborah Owens
Rev. Bill and Dr. Deborah Owens

Dr. Deborah De Sousa Owens Ed.D is a fresh voice in the national education debate where she adds her perspective as a passionate educator and an advocate for underprivileged young people. From her early days of teaching children in church, she soon began helping underprivileged college students and even took on roles in both the teaching and administrative sides of the public education system. Through it all, her focus has always been on helping young people realize their potential.

Dr. Owens, who holds a doctorate degree in education from Vanderbilt University, advocates a pragmatic approach to addressing the problems of urban education. She is fond of saying, “If it works, I’m for it. I don’t care who gets the credit as long as the children get the benefit.”

Dr. Owens’ background in business and the non-profit sector as well as in education gives her a well-rounded view of the cultural as well as the economic considerations in education reform. She has an undergraduate degree in business and worked at several major New York ad agencies. She also managed a nonprofit organization that provided scholarships to disadvantaged students. That experience gave her a different outlook on her calling as she became both a teacher and a school administrator.

Dr. Owens’ passion is helping underprivileged children get the education they need to have a better life. “Education has made all the difference in my life, and my hope is that everyone can have the opportunities I’ve had,” she says.

In addition to her wealth of experience, Dr. Owens also brings a disciplined academic approach to her study of effective reform. Her recent article, “The Effect of School Improvement Planning on Student Achievement,” which appeared in Planning and Changing, the education policy journal from Illinois State University’s well-respected College of Education, gives a hint of the creative approach behind Education for All.

Dr. Owens, along with her husband, the Rev. William Owens, Sr., have launched a new initiative to improve education in our country. Working with community, ministry, education and political leaders, they hope to create a powerful coalition that can focus attention on the needs of urban students and their families.